Cycling Pilgrimage Trnava – Nitra Dispersed the Clouds

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Cycling Pilgrimage Trnava – Nitra Dispersed the Clouds

Cycling Pilgrimage Trnava – Nitra Dispersed the Clouds

The third year of cycling pilgrimage along the Cyril and Methodius route from the Slovak Rome to the Slovak Bethlehem faced significant uncertainty. Several weather forecasts for May 8th predicted showers and rain.

Ultimately, the cycling pilgrims avoided the rain. Prayers were not lacking even in the morning. From the Courtyard by the Marian Hall, they moved to the archbishop's office in Trnava, where they were blessed by the Archbishop of Trnava, Mons. Ján Orosch. He highlighted that the Bishop of Nitra, Mons. Viliam Judák, would also complete the entire journey by bicycle:

"It's something extraordinary when a bishop rides in a peloton with laypeople. It has a unifying significance. But this also has a supernatural character. Cyril and Methodius come to proclaim the Gospel to us."

At each stop, believers from the parishes awaited the cycling pilgrims and also Bishop Viliam Judák:

"The community we create here at these crosses testifies that people like to meet. We just need to give them a stimulus and an opportunity."

The organization of the cycling pilgrimage was significantly aided by the National Coordinator of the European Cultural Route of St. Cyril and Methodius, Terézia Zaujecová:

"I was thrilled by the communities living in these individual locations and that the message is really spreading further. That the communities are vibrant and eager to do and organize something."

For the first time, students from the Grammar School of St. Cyril and Methodius in Nitra also participated in the cycling pilgrimage, including Nina Zaujecová:

"The journey was pleasant, the nature was great, and I think it was a well-spent time."

The cycling pilgrimage also answered another question mark. Among the worst parts of the route during the first annual pilgrimage in 2022 was the section between Nitra and Močenok. Radoslav Packa and other volunteers worked many hours improving the path in the Bishop's Forest and the remaining parts of the route. However, the question remains whether cyclists have the right to go into the forest. Bishop Viliam Judák's opinion is clear:

"Of course, cyclists, when they behave decently and protect nature, have the right. After all, the forest belongs to the people."

You can learn more in the report from the event.

With over 80 cyclists, the first sections were also completed by Peter Škultéty, the pastor of the Modranka parish, who welcomed them at the Pilgrimage Church of the Holy Trinity.

The next stop was at the Church of St. John the Baptist in Sereď, where the pilgrims were welcomed by the dean of the Sereď deanery, Ján Hallon. Only the faster cyclists made this stop, as the rest, due to time constraints, went directly to the Church of St. James in Dolná Streda. There, Bishop Viliam Judák celebrated a Holy Mass, attended by the cyclists and parishioners.

Lunch followed at the Kaskády, and refreshments at the next stop at the parish office in Šaľa were provided by the parish and the town of Šaľa. The third pilgrimage from Trnava to Nitra is dedicated to the restoration of the organ in the Church of St. Margaret of Antioch in Šaľa. The dean of the Šaľa deanery, Maroš Lovič, also completed the route from Trnava:

"Now we have combined it with our organ, which will be 100 years old in 2029."

The parish announced a fundraiser for the organ's repair. Those who are interested  can get information at 
After an organ performance in Šaľa by organist Július Bujdák, the cyclists enjoyed another performance at the Church of St. Clement in Močenok. Ema Demeterová, who won second place at an international interpretive competition in Slovenia, played on the newly restored organ.

The mayor of Močenok, Roman Urbánik, welcomed the cyclists with refreshments:

"The presence of the bishop is such a boost for all those who complete the 70 kilometers."

In Močenok, scouts from Veľké Zálužie and Lehota joined the cyclists, led by their leader Ján "Zubo" Murín:

"We heard about this pilgrimage and really liked that it concerns Cyril and Methodius. We were especially pleased that the bishop is participating, so we thought we'd try to complete at least part of the route with the children."

At the White Cross, the cyclists were awaited by parishioners from Cabaj-Čápor, led by Anton Kochan:

"I'm very happy that the bishop stops here. This is an event for us, as we have worked hard to restore this holy place."

After a stop at the memorial in Fabianova Valley, maintained by Anton Ďurech, the cyclists continued to the finish under the Nitra Castle. They did not hide their pleasant impressions of the pilgrimage.

Ivan Peko, a odborny referent from the Trnava self-governing region, said:

"The stops were interesting, as were the information we learned there. It was manageable for both better cyclists and weekend riders."

The third Trnava-Nitra pilgrimage was manageable thanks to the dedicated help of many willing people.

Roman Hatala, Miroslav Miškovič, Gabriela Miškovičová, Janka Potúčková, Juraj Potúček, Mária Kováčová, Dušan Kováč, Július Horváth, Terézia Horváthová, Peter Gomboša, and many other cyclists from Šaľa helped direct traffic and organize the event.

Radoslav Packa, Pavol Hort, Martin Sýkora, Marián Petráni, Vojtech Suchý, and many others helped with route adjustments, making maps, and other necessary tasks. Parishioners in Šaľa, in cooperation with the town of Šaľa, helped provide refreshments.

Refreshments in Močenok were provided by the mayor, Roman Urbánik, dean Peter Michalov, along with parishioners. Similarly, dean Ján Hallon in Sereď and pastor Martin Ferenc in Dolná Streda took care of the cyclists with their parishioners. At the White Cross, parishioners organized by Anton Kochan baked treats, and at Fabianova Valley, refreshments were provided by Anton Ďurech and his friends from Párovské Háje.

For bicycle transport, Ján Vereš and Ján Lenčéš from Močenok lent a trailer for free and mounted a bicycle holder on it. Transportation was assisted by DOPA, PILLBUS, and other carriers.

The event and route improvements were financially supported by:

- Nitra Diocese and Bishop Viliam Judák

- Nitra Self-Governing Region

- Vojtech Suchý - EPH Foundation

- Duslo as, oz Juvamen

- Juraj Lenický, Erik Vörös, Gabriela Sklenárová, Zdenka Dičérová...

The promotion of the event was significantly helped by the National Coordinator for EKSCM, Terézia Zaujecová, teacher from the Gymnasium of St. Cyril and Methodius in Nitra, Danka Brezniaková, the Regional Tourism Organization of Nitra Region, the Nitra Tourism Organization, the Trnava Self-Governing Region, the town of Šaľa, the city of Nitra, the village of Močenok, and many others.

The safe transportation of cyclists was ensured by the state police in Šaľa, municipal police in Trnava, Šaľa, Nitra, and the local police in Močenok.

The entire event was organized by the civic association Creative people.

Foto: Jana Potúčková, Peter Sýkora